20 Oct

Oh. My. Goodness.

Tonight has been one creative fail after another, and if you know me, you know how angst ridden and frustrated I am now feeling because of that. I tried to record a cover song, and that just wasn’t working. Then I tried to get Vine famous, and that definitely didn’t (and will never) work. THEN, I tried to write this witty happy times blog post about how I think Oblivion was the most underrated movie of the decade, and the fact that I just summed up the whole post in ONE SENTENCE clearly demonstrates how much epic fail was involved in that.




P.s. Tell me a story.


NonoMeowMeow? NanoOwMo? or Can I even read? and other great adventures

17 Oct

Back into the blog-o-sphere with meh!

After a few months of flux and capacitors and change, minus the capacitors, I have settled down in the far away city of Boston and am ready to once again do some keyboard finaggling!

So, where I have been since wherever I last was? Well, here’s a little timeline for ya.
May 11th, 2013: Graduated from college
May 12th, 2103: Flew to California for a proper post-collegiate vacation
May 15th, 2013: Accepted a JOB as a Technical Writer in Boston!
May 30th, 2013: Began road trip to Boston, seeing some cool sights–like the desolate plains of Ohio and Niagara Falls–along the way.
June 10th, 2013: Began my long sought after career.
Currently, 2013: Survivin’ and Thrivin’

All caught up? Yeah, neither am I. The past few months have been an absolutely different life for me, albeit, a good life. I’m enjoying my independence and FINALLY finaLLYYY being out of school. It was fun to learn, but all of college was stressful and full of random obstacles (I know, boohoo for me, right?), and putting that era  behind me was a personal goal I am glad to have overcome. I can’t thank my family enough for their support through those years! What better way to thank them than by moving across the country, right? Tsk tsk on me.

Despite being out of school, I’m still learning things as I conquer the learning curve that comes with transitioning from school to work. While many of the things I experienced and learned in the academic environment were helpful and constructive, there is A LOT to get sunk into my brains.

Speaking of brains, did you see the season 4 premier of The Walking Dead on Sunday?!  Good stuff. Sadly though, every time I go do laundry in the dark, dank back room in my apartment complex, I’ll be greeted with the mental expectation of becoming a zappetizer (clever, I know). All the more reason to start carrying a giant knife with me wherever I go!

Speaking of zombies (I’m feeling relative today, ok?), check out this terrifyingly entertaining article on zombie stuff!

One of the reasons I wanted to pop back into BloggoLand today was to endorse something I know very little about!



It’s nearly November. And aside from men growing gnarly beards and me beginning student loan repayment, it’s National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo–an abbreviation I can NEVER recall correctly)! I decided this morning in the midst of wakefulness that maybe attempting something like this wouldn’t be too terrible of an idea. I like writing. I suck at consistency (ahem…yeah you know). I have great ideas in my head. I am not such a great story starter. Blah. Blah. This particular organization challenges writers to ink out 50 thousand words in some form or another. I’ve had friends and family members participate in this event before, and they usually end up with some coherent, complete story with which to tweak and change as the please. All the work remains your own and no one even sees it unless you arrange so. Nanowrimo simply allows writers to help and encourage people via writing buddies, advice, and some seriously in-depth forums. The best of luck to all of this year’s participants!


P.S. Want to get involved in NanoWrimo? Check out their website here, and add NatRiot (that’s me, ya goofs) as a writing buddy! Happy inking.

The Magical Invention of Tiny, Hybrid Instruments

19 Feb

If there’s something you need to know about me, it’s that I easily become obsessed.  Be it an item, an idea, a trend, or a whatever, I will get it into my mind and think think think about it until it becomes a reality or just explodes into a million pieces along with my brain and my sanity.

The latest, greatest thing I hypothetically love?  BANJOLELE.

Holy CRAP.  It’s a BANJO!  But it’s also a UKULELE.  When it all boils down to it, it’s a tiny banjo that I already know how to play, and I WILL have one someday.  So, here’s a self-promoting segway.  I love music.  It’s such a great thing in my life, and I wish I was better at making my own music.  I wrote a song recently that I like, and it might show up on my music hosting site soonish, but I don’t know.  I tend to be a bit more picky about my own things.  The other things on that site are cover songs that I had fun with.  Made them all on my iPad in GarageBand with a few fake instruments and some layers of harmony.  Hope you like it!  But yes, I shall have that Banjolele.  It’ll get a reallllllly country name and totally not fit in with Ulysses and Genevieve (my other two ukuleles).


p.s. What’s something YOU are currently obsessed with?


17 Feb


UMMMMM.  This is pretty much how I am resolved to live my life from this moment on.  In fact, it’s so amazing, that I don’t even need to write anything else in this post.


p.s. Put those dang eagles on speed dial, yo!

The thing with the stuff AND I’M A MUTANT

16 Feb

Once upon a time, I had a blog.  This blog was themeless, angsty, and a terrible collection of grumblies.  But the truth is, even the Nerdiest of Natalies (despite being nearly a quarter of a century old) experience an occasional bout of Angst.  Solution?  BlogTherapy.  Blogapy.  Therablog?

Time to explore some new Nerdalings!

Very soon I will begin my journey into the world of THE COMIC BOOK.  I have never read a comic book, but this is all on the verge of changing.  Plans have been set for a weekly exploration of the literature with a very cool guy, and I am STOKED to start with Xmen.  Hopefully, my nerd-cred only increases, and I walk away with a functional knowledge of all those Mutants and whatever.  Hopefully I don’t make a fool of myself with my lackluster understanding of the Marvel Universe.  Working on it! OK?!?!

Also, this isn’t really nerdy, but I use my Shazam app ALL THE TIME.  Kansas City also has a pretty rad alternative music station, 96.5 The Buzz.  I love love love music, and hearing new stuff really gets my gadgets a whirling.  Read into that if you like, but this is a family friendly blog ; )

Every so often I scroll through my Shazam tags and make myself a fancy schmancy new Spotify playlist.  What’s Spotify?  OH MAN.  It’s amazing.  Think Pandora, but more specific with an iTunes-ish interface.  Totally free with options to upgrade, Spotify is a music lover’s haven.  Check it out!  But don’t be shocked by the music that auto plays on their site.  It gave me a little heart attack, and I’d like to spare you the same coronary jump start.  Anyway, tonight I made an epic new playlist called “Radio 2.0”, and I felt the need to share the amazing-ness of the tracks with you. Let me know what you think!

From Nowhere — Dan Croll

Safe and Sound — Capital Cities

Default — Django Django

Wishing — A Flock of Seagulls

Dark Again — Gold Fields

Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go…  — Stars

Open Season — High Highs  (this one is my favorite on the list)

Holy Ghost — DRGN KING


p.s. Comic fan yourself? Do tell…

Greeeeetings, travelers!

31 Jan

Oh man is it cold outside, or what? Two days ago it was seventy degrees here in Kansas City then WHAM-BAM-BLAMO it’s snowing and frozen and hurting my face.

Though my blog postings have been rather scarce, my Nerdings have not!  I recently got back into Guild Wars 2, but I have been cheating on it with the good old Lord of the Rings Online.  What can I say…I just love that stupid game even though it makes me crazy at times.

My most recent LOTRO endeavor has been to get a new kinship going.  Don’t know what I am talking about?  Ok: In the game you can join a sort of group, see when other members are online, talk to them in a special chat, share a house and stuff, and whatever.  Basically, I want to make my little club cool and awesome and fun!  I even set up a website for it: this.  It is moving along rather slowly, but I don’t want to fail–even at this thing that has no impact on reality at all.  Silly me.

In addition to Lotro Club Endeavors, I have been going at school like a mad person.  This final semester comes with a lot of reading and a looming mountain of projects that scare me.  Job applications have been flying out the window, and I even got a couple of nice little rejection e-mails.  Shockingly, it isn’t even disheartening yet!  It’s still so early in the year that the rejections have not sent me into a frenzied panic yet, but time for that still remains.

In other news, my friend Monica nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award!  I have never experienced anything like this in my blog experiences, so I thought I had better roll with it!  Check out Monica’s lovely blog here: Monica’s Lovely Blog.  And now I do what Monica told me to do:

Part One

Thank you Monica for reading my blog despite my sketchy consistency.  Well, despite my LACK of consistency.  Also thank you for being an awesome woman interested in nerd things.  I remember all the crazy/fun times we had working together at Hallmark and remember how impressed I was at your husband’s video game collection.  Nerd. Cred.

Part Two

Next, I shall answer some questions!

1)      How did you get started with your blog? 

Well, I had another blog that I used as a place to vent, but it became nothingness and angst, so I decided to grow into a themed blog with less angst and crying.

2)      What is the most challenging part of having a blog?

For me, as you readers know, it is being consistent!  When I first made the transition to this blog, I was going on a two-post-a-week-schedule, but that quickly degraded into whenever-something-hits-me-posting-schedule which eventually led to textual silence.  Oye.

3)      Ten years from now, what do you see your life looking like?

In ten years I will almost be 34 years old!  I will NOT have any cats or doilies.  I will have a family going (by the time I am 34 the biological clock will be ticking, who am I kidding?) with a technical writing career racking up impressive-ness on my resume!  I better still be playing a game of some sort…but we will see about that.

4)      If money were no issue, what is the one thing you’d like to do most?

I would reallllly like to pay off all my student loans!  I know that sounds pretty lame, but I don’t like the prospect of cowering under a mountain of debt when college runs out in May.  So, I would be debt free!

5)      What is one of your favorite quotes?

Well, this fits into my LOTRO nerdiness.  This is a line spoken by Frodo at the end of The Return of the King.  It’s a voice over, and it’s just brilliant, and if I cried during movies, this would get me every time:

“My dear Sam. You cannot always be torn in two. You have to be one and whole for many years. You have so much to enjoy and to be and to do. Because Sam, your part in the journey goes on.”




I was supposed to nominate five new blogs for the award, but I have been so far out of the blogosphere that most of my favorites have suddenly come up as deleted!  So sad.  Instead, I am skipping to the part where I post a photo of the Liebster Award and move on.  Please check out Monica’s blog and get that girl some traffic (cause it feels really really nice) and some new followers!



p.s. That quote made me feel the end of the movie/story sadness/happiness. How am I going to get through my day?!!?!?!

Brief Interlude Before A Terrible Tempest…or the calm before the storm

19 Dec

Tis the season!  I have entered into my LAST EVER Collegiate Christmas Break, which is a truly strange and disturbing concept.  *Shudder*.  I am enjoying this break with as little productivity as possible, and I hope you are enjoying your Holiday Season as well! 

Time to start this old blog engine running again now that school is off for a brief time.  I used up all my writing fuel for that, but after a few days of brainlessness, I feel more energized.  Or something. 

But what have I been up to in the Nerd World?!  Well, I read a great series of books, “The Mortal Instruments” by Cassandra Clare, I made some cover tunes with GarageBand on my iPad, I didn’t fail college (for at least one more semester), I watched an awesome Wes Anderson film (ok, they are ALL awesome..) called “Moonrise Kingdom”, I sold my first thing on CraigsList and didn’t get murdered, and I have been casually enjoying time in an mmo.  So that’s stuff to talk about in upcoming posts!  Que interesante <– Look, I am being multi-cultural.  Woot.  

What’s new in YOUR lives?  Any topics you would care to hear ranting elaborations about?  Cause I am allllll ears.  I mean really, I have abnormally large ears that pretty much cover my whole head…Wait, what? 


p.s. The aforementioned list! Maybe I will put topics in a hat and draw at random to determine the slant of my rantings….

Holy fail, batman.

26 Oct

Well, after three attempts (which have resulted in FAILURE) to write the Ready Player One post, I have given up and decided to back burner that crap. Therefore, my previous postscript was a lie…This week has proven to be writing-challenged for me. As the semester progresses, I have less and less brain cells, and between writing for classes (reviews of literature, websites, physic lab reports) and writing for my internship (a complete user manual), I just have nothing prolific or even mildly entertaining to blurt out at you, Blogosphere. That’s probably why I disappeared last March for several months. But don’t fret! I will avoid doing that again.

Alright so, writing and writing has caused me not to be able to write, yet what I’m writing about today is WRITING. I always find that during lectures or sermons or concerts etc., my usually dormant, idea-less brain jumps onto some roller coaster of amazing possibilities. The latest roller coaster is a re-visit to an old story idea I had banging around in my brain. Randomly, my sister-in-law mentioned it on Sunday, and I suppose it has taken residence in my head once again.

Backstory time: Basically first grade through eighth grade, I was educated in some private, Christian school setting. The education was great, and most of the ideals I was taught are still at work in my life; however, they all had rotten libraries. It wasn’t until I enrolled in public high school in the ninth grade that I discovered a truly wonderful school library. At about that point in my life, my brother-in-law (what influence my siblings-in-law have on me, eh?) had successfully convinced me that I was a flipping moron for not liking reading and had fed me the start up diet of science-fiction stuff. Then, in angsty, hormone ridden high school, I discovered a genre that I have loved since: young adult literature.

For some reason, adults hear those words, “young adult literaturrrrreeee”, and cringe as they envision teenagers being morons, like normal. In my experiences, this genre has always been a little shady. Are the books ABOUT teenagers? Written by them? Written FOR them? Is the protagonist just of young adult age? Blah, blah, so unclear. Personally, I see young adult lit. as a genre with truths and ideas and experiences that just happen to be experienced by people of the “young adult” age group (which is pretty broad). I also believe that just like science fiction, biographies, horror, or whatever other genre you can think of–it isn’t for everyone.

Ok backstory over. I have always wanted to write a great young adult novel, and I’ve had a few ideas spring up here and there. Though lately it feels like YAL is overrun with a spectacle of vampire and werewolves and other supernaturals. The story I keep coming back to isn’t that stuff; it’s about people-diseased people-whose lives unravel as hidden truths come to light. Yesterday in physics (yes, I know…pay attention in class and stuff), I had some insights about the characters and their issues. It was nice, and perhaps I will throw down some pieces of it here and there. But if my blog is any indication, I have a hard time sticking to writing.

Ok. Yes. That’s all I can think of now. What’s your favorite literary genre? Why? What kind of book would you like to write?


P.s. Upcoming Experiments in Gaming and Throwbacks and Stuff.

essplosions, evil robots, and silly humans. OH, AND SPACE BATTLES

17 Oct

Wellllll, hello!

Yeah, that’s right.  I am back SO soon.  I guess I just caught the Blogging Bug again.  If you’ve had the virus, then you know what I mean.  It doesn’t hurt that I come back from a 7 month hiatus and have the most viewed blog day in history.  See?  You’ve spurned me into this illness.  Thank you!

Watch that video?  BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!  And before you go complaining that you don’t like sci-fi or aliens or blah blah space battle (which, when we get down to it is IMPOSSIBLE to dislike, you silly jelly bean), you should know a few things:

1. If you didn’t notice from watching the season one trailer up there, this show isn’t about aliens and war and stuff: it’s about people.  And how can it not be?  The show follows the only 50-thousand-something human beings left alive!  Sure, robotic creations are behind all (well, most) of the mayhem, and we get to learn and see a bit about those sneaky Cylons too, but you don’t fall in love with them (OH IRONY).  You fall in love with people!  I really enjoy how the series displays the main characters in all their moments.  We don’t see Commander Adama when he’s only being amazing and evasive and stuff.  We see him when he’s being a douche and a moron and a stupid, human.  It’s a pretty realistic and representative piece of fiction.

2. SPACE!! It’s in outer friggin’ space, man!  I see it as this funny cross between a submarine and an airplane.  The way the military functions and fights is really interesting, and I am usually pretty mindful of how things would be different in space as I watch the show.  It reminds me of Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card.  He has all these children mock-fighting in zero gravity rooms, and only one of them decides that the limitations we are used to when bound by gravity don’t really apply.  So, thinking about that when watching Galactica’s Raptors (you know, those small space fighter ships?) flying all over the place and trying to stay in formation and have SOME idea of up and down and whatever…it’s amazing.  And it’s SPACE, MAN!!!!!

3. It’s all about hope.  Now I think that’s something everyone can relate with.  Hope is wound into the fiber of human beings.  Always has been; always will be.  The survivors of the Cylon attack are only hoping to find away out of imminent danger.  As the seasons progress, it’s interesting to watch those hopes change and evolve.  Some characters, however, hang on to that initial hope of escaping.  Others cling to the hope of finding a new world, away from threats, on which to settle.  Others hope for love.  Others for life.  It’s amazing the array of emotions and desires portrayed by the various characters–all of whom feel like main characters–that viewers relate to and fall in love with.

So!  That’s all the reasoning I can whip out at the moment.  If you have Netflix, all four seasons are available to watch INSTANTLY!  My dad watched BSG ages ago, and I never thought it looked interesting.  Just dark and ominous and hopeless…Well, how WRONG I was!  So wrong.  This is easily becoming one of my favorite shows for all the aforementioned reasons and more.  But you can’t find out the “more” part until you watch it for yourself.  I am about to finish Season Two and cannot wait to continue.  <— And that was a hint to avoid spoilers, got it??  Already a fan?  Which character do you relate with the most?  The least?  Other thoughts?  I’d love to hear them.

Also, I linked my stream in the last post (which now has two SHORT, silly lotro videos), but the man who started it all deserves some watch time too!  Check out Jackson’s adventures through Tyria because he actually gets to play Guild Wars 2 (SO not jealous or anything…).


AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Run, it’s a Cylon!

p.s.  OASIS, anyone?


14 Oct

ZOMG. It’s been more than six months?! Fire me. I fail. Throw me off the train or something. By the way, this random, disappearing gig happens from time to time, so get used to it? That’s kind of harsh…

Sooooooo. What have you been up to? I hope it involves adventures or success or successful adventures or dragons! Huzzah. Personally, I have been getting through my second-to-last semester of school, doing free labor at my internship, editing a book (when I can, which has been pretty-pathetically-not-enough), and playing VICHEO GAMEZ! Also, tonight, I got a account for the heck of it and started streaming myself being a LOTRO/streaming noob. Check it out here. I will try to do a couple of streams a week and maybe throw in some ukulele magic or some other random crap. Just gotta see how it goes, I shuppoze.

What’s new in the nerd realm, you ask? (See how interactive we are around here?)
Well…….tomorrow is the release of LOTRO’s 8th update: The Riders of Rohan. Ooooo. More male NPCs with better hair than my toooooons. Gasp.


Yeah, see there? ^^^^ That’s a dude, a ROHIRRIM dude, revvin’ up his combat horsey and kickin’ some nasty bad guy booty. So, I imagine I will get around to some good content and twitch streaming in a couple of days when the lag settles back down to Horrible Lag Mode. I’m sure the update will bring in loads of old players, setting the lag mode to End of the Universe Bad Lag: Def Con 1,000,000 or whatever. No doubt it will be something really, super bad and unplayable. Despite my ceaseless complaints, I am excited about the chance to make my maxed out toons re-maxed out and improved in whatever ways they can be.

But, to really get to the Nerd News (insert small boy in 1920s garb shouting, “Extra, extra, read all about it!”), I think my current LOTRO contentedness has been forever RUINED, WRECKED, DeCiMaTeD—wow, I promise to never do that again–by a game I can’t even play any more.


GUILD WARS 2!!!!! I have played a small handful (a teeny, child sized handful) of mmos, and this one is by FAR the best I have encountered. From the concept art to the actual art to the beautiful world to the cool set up and the scantily clad toons…I just love it. The game doesn’t feel like a grind or a chore in anyway, and the environment is one of collaboration and shared effort. It is incredible. Better yet, no monthly fee! Which, as I get further into unpaid internships and books and farther way from my actual, paid job is a HUGE benefit. So, looking for a new game? Check out Guild Wars 2. For the small one time payment, it’s an absolutely un-regrettable investment.

Sadly, I won’t be galavanting around Tyria to greet you because it turns out you need MORE than an imaginary graphics card and a laptop made out of aluminum foil to run the game. Don’t worry, I’m working on upgrading. Ish. Ha.

Well, hopefully this makes up for my absence (*cough*cough*BULL*) so that my hoardes of followers (hahaha, I crack myself up) will take down all those missing person posters I know they put up… Now that I have more stuff to think about, I am sure I can rattle blogs out of my melted brain once or twice a week. Tee hee. As you know, I love to hear from YOU, so leave me a message or five, and we can chat. Don’t forget to check out my stupid, hour long (ha ha, feel free to skim) twitch stream thingy, and lemme know what you think about that too.


P.s. Ever been aboard a Battlestar?? ;)

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